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Those who participate in communities help shape and improve their communities. Those who organize others. Those who learn about complex issues. Those who advocate and inform others about their views. Are you a participant or a spectator in your community? Here are some ways that you can participate...

Vote, and get others to vote. Vote your conscience. Help others to register to vote. Armed with a pile of voter registration forms and some clipboards (and a few other things), you can register people to vote anywhere! Learn more about voter registration.

Volunteer in your communities. Help organizations that serve the common good. Help organizations that you like and respect. Freely offer your time, your skills, and your special talents for the public good. Learn more about volunteering and finding non-profits or political organizations that are aligned with your values.

Learn about complex issues. No matter the topic, there's lots to learn in order to make good decisions in a complex world. Learn about important topics and discuss them with a wide variety of people, including those who may disagree. Learn more about learning.

Organize others. Multiply your efforts and your enthusiasm into action from other people. The world is biased towards people that collaborate for a common cause and/or speak with one voice. Get active with a particular advocacy group, non-profit, political party, or a specific candidate. Lead or organize like-minded groups. Encourage the success of legislation, candidates, and policies that promote the common good as you see it. Learn more about organizing others.

Advocate and inform.Don't just complain to people who agree with you get the word out on topics that you care about. Talk to people who might not agree with you. Call your congressperson. Write letters to the editors of newspapers. Speak publicly. Get loud. Learn more about advocating and informing. A great service for contacting your representatives is Resistbot. The website nor the creator of is officially associated with them. We just think they are cool and even donate money to them. It's a great public service.